RMV Recording Studios



We are a Midwest recording studio located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The studio has the experience and the gear to make your project match the national standard at half the price. We focus in the artist development by providing all of the tools that they will need to be successful in an ever changing industry. We care about the artist and the project not the financial gain; for this reason we don’t charge per hour no matter how big the project is. We have specialized plans for each artist that fit their financial situation.  We also have expertise in music productions. Our equipment is state of the art. We are committed to quality. Our studio features newest release platforms.  We use years of experience in the music industry to help you take your music from concept to reality. We’ve worked hard to craft a comfortable, relaxed, and welcoming space at RMV Studios.

Prices for all budgets 

Flat Rate song  $ 400

Demo  song      $ 250

Hourly Rate      $ 40 

EP 5 song minimum flat rate fee of $1200  

Album Package 10 song minimum flat rate fee $2500

$275 podcast per month includes 4 weekly episodes

Audiobook recording  $ 40 hour session

                                                             Control room Gear

Pro Tools  Ultimate 2020—-Vocal Chain : AKG C414 OR Neuman  TLM 103  Neve 1073 LB  SSL  611 DYN—–  Other option   LA 610Universal  Audio/ Classic compressor 1176 and Vintage EQ pulteck Like — Interface:  Lynx Aurora 8 – DIGidesign 192 and  96 IO  C24 Mixer Board MX200 | Lexicon Pro – Legendary Reverb and Effects

RMV Studios is Powered by Pro Tools Ultimate Edition, Ableton live 10  suite   Lynx aurora and Digi 96 IO interface




* 50% Deposit required and Song package includes record editing and mixing.  Flat Rate Fee Per song(4 hour max ) ** 6 month Minimum no more than 8 hours Monday to Friday Deposit required.